Spring is here? It is now!

ImageSo, you may have noticed: it’s cold. As in, it’s still cold. In late April. We should be tilling and hoeing and carefully cultivating our sweet little gardens by now. As this darling little bird says, what the crap is this crap?

Well, we’ll tell you what. One of the ninjas got a larger than expected tax return. One of the ninjas decided to go all ninja on Mother Nature’s stingy butt and bought ALL THE SEEDS IN THE WORLD. Well, maybe not all the seeds, but pretty close. Are you a community gardener? Or a gardener at all?  We’d recommend you keep your eyes open, because the seedy ninja has enlisted all the ninjas to distribute all the seeds. And distribute them we will.

Look out, Lansing. It’s about to get springy up in here. Keep your peepers peeled, and prepare for warmth.

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Love to you

Boy, do we ever know we’re behind. We have a pile of blog posts queued, a pile of stories to tell. It’s funny how time gets away from you, isn’t it? Funny how life can sneak up and days can blend together. Sun rise, sun set, start again… right?

Yesterday’s events in Boston were senseless. A marathon. Let that sink in. A MARATHON. A celebration of health, fitness, life. An act so senseless, so unfathomable that we’re left today reeling in a hollow attempt to understand. Why then? Why them? Why now?

Hug the ones you love today. Look at the blue sky we’re fortunate to see, look at the clock that dictates the rush of our days, look into your mind and slow down. Maybe you have an hour. Maybe you have five minutes. Maybe just a moment. Ignore the rush, ignore the hustle, stop chasing whatever that next thing you’re after is. Just stop. Look around you and think about what it is you truly value. Then embrace it. Maybe it’s a person, or maybe it’s an idea, or a thought… our guess is that whatever it is, it’s not tangible. You can’t pick it up, you can’t sell it on eBay, you can’t pull out your wallet and replace it.  Right?

Take this moment. Breathe in. Be.

As always, we love you. And we ask that you send what love you have to those in Boston. Whether or not they were on that finish line, today they are hurting. Let’s do something about that.

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MLK Day ninja-ing in #lovelansing

First off, we really hope you all are staying warm in #lovelansing right now. Wow, it’s brutal out there!

Many of the Lansing Ninjas were fortunate enough to have the day off yesterday, so we have a round-up of missions to share with you. Most happened yesterday, but one carried over into this morning. No bother, though — the spirit of MLK Day and kindness should permeate every day!

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A busy run-up to Christmas in #lovelansing

The ninjas have been busy the past couple of days and will be into this evening! There’s lots of good going on in #lovelansing, but with the hectic Christmas season sitting directly on top of us, we’ll just share some of our recent missions in photos. We wish you a peaceful, merry and bright time with the people you love most! Thanks for all YOU do to make Lansing the place we love so much!

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Loads of cheer to spread around

The ninjas have been busy these past few days, spreading kindness all around town. Here’s a holiday round-up of some of the recent the missions:
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Giving it away, paying it forward

We all know amazing people who inspire us with their positive attitude and their generous actions. For this mission, a small group of ninjas chose three talented and kind Lansing women we adore and admire.

We have spotted these three doing everything from volunteering at local festivals to taking action to improve the lives of strangers on the other side of the globe. They are always willing to lend a helping hand. Continue reading

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Ninja Cal: Hug your children

Dear #LoveLansing,

When I read the news out of Connecticut, my heart broke at my desk and I cried.

I am sure I was not alone.

I think we can all agree that children are meant to be loved, protected and nurtured into a full life. Hearing that the most innocent members of our society were hurt violently struck a vulnerable chord in all of us. It made us think of our schools, our families, our children and we were scared.

I was scared.

As I watched the banter and commentary unfold online, I could not comment on the devastating tragedy that would leave mommies and daddies without their precious babies. I worried for the children who would grow up with PTSD. I wondered how any of them would ever sleep, eat or attend school again.

It seems like a ninja should be able to do something other than sit at a desk and cry all afternoon. Continue reading

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