How to be a ninja

The most common question we’re asked is: How can I be a ninja, too?

The short answer: Everyone can be a ninja!

Many people have gone on guest ninja missions and we’re hoping that because you’re reading this page, you just might want to go on one yourself.

So how do you do it?

First, think of some random good thing you’d like to do. Maybe you’d like to hide some bus passes in a CATA shelter … or slip a Biggby coffee gift card under someone’s windshield wiper … or leave a card on a public bench that tells the finder he or she is awesome and appreciated.

Next, think of where you’re going to do your good deed. Put a note with the thing to tell the finder you’re working with the Lansing Ninjas to give their day a lift. Include our website if you’d like (so they can see all the random acts of kindness happening around town) and encourage them to pay it forward.

Kindness is contagious.

Make sure you take pictures of the thing you’re leaving behind and — if you can do this without getting caught! — the place you left it.

Email your tale and your photos to us at lansingninjas [at] gmail [dot] com and let us know how you’d like to be identified. Anonymity is fine! Or make up a super-awesome ninja name. (This handy-dandy ninja name generator will build it for you, one letter at a time.)

We believe that kindness begets kindness, so the more soldiers we can add to our Lansing Ninjas army, the kinder our #lovelansing will be.

Won’t you help us?


2 Responses to How to be a ninja

  1. Lynn Lammers says:

    I’m ready to be a ninja! Just sent you an email, I’m super geeked!

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