Loads of cheer to spread around

The ninjas have been busy these past few days, spreading kindness all around town. Here’s a holiday round-up of some of the recent the missions:

A recent mission spurred me to make up some ‘gift bags’ for older community members who might not get out as much as others or have as many visitors over the holidays.

So a couple of ninjas and I got together and put together some gift bags that included a mix of things like:

word search books
Holiday candles
pill box organizer
coupon organizer
hand lotion
playing cards
…and anything else we could think of that they might enjoy.

While thinking of where to drop off these bags, there has been a lot of talk about access to mental health services recently in the news.

This gave me an idea.

Instead of dropping the bags off at a senior retirement center, I did some research and learned that Community Mental Health here in Lansing has an Older Adults with Mental Illness Program. So we chose them to receive our gift bags.

And another mission:

Christmas Tree Mission Done! We just left $20 inside a Christmas card at the register for the next family. It read, “Just a ninja star of kindness to make your Christmas extra special!”


And another:

There were cute little suits on sale at JC Penney. I bought one for a young man I know, but had to return it to get a different size. I went to find the right size today and a woman next to me started talking about how she’s been meaning to get one for her grandkid, but hasn’t had the money for fancy stuff like that. THE ONE I PLANNED TO RETURN WAS EXACTLY HER GRANDSON’S SIZE!! So, clearly, her grandson is getting a suit for Christmas. 🙂


More missions are in the works and we might have even missed one or two for this round. We hope you’re finding some space for peace and joy amid the chaos of the final stretch to Christmas!


About Lansing Ninjas

We #lovelansing and we hope you do, too. Our mission is to spread bits of love and kindness around our city. We hope it brightens someone's day and inspires them to pay it forward. Kindness rocks!
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