Ninja #4: A little Lansing love to warm your cold morning

A mug for a warm cup of coffee behind the ice cream shop

So the other day seemed like the perfect chilly morning to throw a little love somebody’s way.  Or maybe two somebodies 🙂

As the holiday season approaches, I can only assume that the rest of the population is a breath away from full-on-panic like I am.  Too many events and folks on your gift list … too much to do and too little time/money/sanity.  It’s a stressful time of year.  Add that to the fact that everyone is a little keyed up and ornery, and it makes for a tough day.

I hope that others can take a deep breath and figure out how to manage their time and workload in the way that I never seem able.  But I do know a trick that inevitably makes me feel better about all things in life.  Doing a little something nice for someone else.  And I know the effect those kindnesses have on me, so this little ninja effort is dedicated to the random people who choose to smile at you rather than give you the stinkeye … and the people who gently tap their horn and wave rather than give you the finger when you miss that the light turned green … and the people who see someone struggling with an arm load of packages and actually help rather than watch … and the people who see all of the homeless folks struggling this time of year and offer them a hand rather than looking away and driving on by.  Cheers to you people, because your kindness has a much bigger impact than those nasty gestures in life.  You feel better … and you make someone else feel better.  Everybody wins!

My first stop today was behind the ice cream shop in Old Town.  Brrrrrr.  A mug for something hot seemed perfect.  And the mug has a little love note from the greatest city ever 🙂

My second stop was to the parking lot at Big Brothers Big Sisters in Old Town.  The people working at a wonderful organization like that deserve many thanks, hugs and an abundance of treats — so I got them started with a treat from the Nuthouse and a key chain.  Just a tiny something that took 10 minutes out of my day, and made it 100% better.  Gotta love being a ninja!

A drop at Big Brothers Big SistersThe Nuthouse was kind enough to donate some gift certificates for the ninjas to hand out, so here is a little treat and a love note key chain for a kind soul at BBBS.


About Lansing Ninjas

We #lovelansing and we hope you do, too. Our mission is to spread bits of love and kindness around our city. We hope it brightens someone's day and inspires them to pay it forward. Kindness rocks!
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One Response to Ninja #4: A little Lansing love to warm your cold morning

  1. Ariniko says:

    You ninjas are great! Your message is always so good spirited. I love it!

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