Guest ninjas: The Purple Carrot Truck brings the bacon

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’ve been SO excited about #lansingbaconday ever since the conversation evolved on Twitter a few weeks ago. The Purple Carrot Truck people jumped at the chance to be a part of it. Not only are they doing a guest ninja mission (well, several), but they’re also going to serve EIGHT different ways to eat bacon on Wednesday! Including one vegan version! WOW! (Stay tuned for a menu!)

Will YOU find one of their Carrot Cash envelopes? Check out the details of their Lansing-loving mission:

If you don’t know who we are yet, that’s OK, we’re new in town. However, we do get around a bit, so if you’ve seen a brightly colored purple truck adorned with carrots roaming the streets of Lansing, that’s us, The Purple Carrot Truck.

We don’t know who the Lansing Ninjas are, but rumor has it we’ve served lunch to some of them at least a couple of times at the food truck. But through their blog and Twitter, we do feel as though we know them and the great things they stand for.

We totally dig what they’re doing for #lovelansing and have been thinking about collaborating with them on a ninja mission for quite some time. A few weeks ago we saw some rumblings on Twitter between the Lansing Ninjas, Ben Slayter, Charlie Curve and others about having a #lansingbaconday. We really wanted to make that happen, so we thought doing a Purple Carrot Ninja Mission before #lansingbaconday was a great way to share the love.

We started our mission armed with three Carrot Cash Certificates for a free lunch at The Purple Carrot. Our targets for this mission were people getting around the city by bicycle.

Mission 1: Just B Yoga

What’s not to love about this place? Just B Yoga is a donation-only studio offering yoga, tai chi and salsa dancing for the Lansing community. Check out their mission statement on their website. “Affordable … health … kindness … local … sustainable.” We love everything Just B Yoga brings to our community.

Mission 2: MSU Campus

There is a new museum coming to town, and it’s a pretty big deal. We are really excited for the Broad Art Museum to open next spring. It has been so much fun living in a college town, and with MSU students returning to campus this past week, we wanted to share a little Purple Carrot love with a Spartan!

A side note to this mission: We are excited to throw our first-ever event to help strengthen town-gown relations in East Lansing with a Purple Carrot MSU Football Tailgate Party on Friday at the Hannah Office Center on South Hagadorn Road.

Mission 3: Old Town Lansing

We just love Old Town! So we knew we wanted to make a ninja mission stop here! Since we were targeting bikers on this mission, we wanted to let people know about a cool bicycle shop in Old Town and the design firm that created their awesome logo. Chris VanWyck of Ciesa Design won a National Addy Award for the Spin Bicycle Shop’s logo!

There is also a bike rack around the corner from the shop, which is a good spot to park your bike after riding the River Trail to make a pit stop to shop in Old Town.

There are so many fun places to check out when visiting Old Town, but we always recommend checking out Cravings Popcorn (which will be serving up bacon popcorn for #lansingbaconday) and Tallulah’s Folly, who always welcomes Purple Carrot diners to enjoy their meal in their amazingly cool courtyard.

We hope you have as much fun enjoying #lansingbaconday on Wednesday as we had executing this ninja mission!

Wow, Purple Carrot! We thought WE loved Lansing a lot! Thanks so much for your enthusiasm, your generosity and your amazing food! Don’t forget to vote for The Purple Carrot Truck to win a shot at being on the Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race.


About Lansing Ninjas

We #lovelansing and we hope you do, too. Our mission is to spread bits of love and kindness around our city. We hope it brightens someone's day and inspires them to pay it forward. Kindness rocks!
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5 Responses to Guest ninjas: The Purple Carrot Truck brings the bacon

  1. B says:

    Many mucho thanks on behalf of Just B Yoga’s cycling students! Would love to have the Carrot Truck at our anniversary open house! B (Just B Yoga)

  2. Joseph says:

    Porkgasm & porktopia. What could be better

  3. Cody says:

    I love bacon and what you guys are doing here. Where do I sign up?

  4. Thanks, Cody! Go on a bacon-themed ninja mission of your own and share your story with us!

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