Ninja #3: Yeeeeeehaw! Ninja round-up!

Holy cats, it’s been a busy summer! Between working and stealthing, this ninja has been out of control! You are all encouraged to berate me for my lack of blogging. It is hard for you to know what I have been up to, when I don’t tell you, isn’t it? So, sorry about that!

In the past three months, the east side has had five giftcards, one happy note, and several “crazy ninja approaches people who look like they’re having a bad day and pays for their coffee, food, or just says ‘I hope you have a really great day today'” encounters. Those don’t get counted, they just happen. So, if you’re one of those obsessed with discovering ninja identities (and you know who you are, we hear you guessing), just think back to times you may have been approached by a stranger, on a day where you weren’t at your happiest. It was probably a ninja. You know what? Anyone who does that is a ninja! So, let’s just say it was for sure!

Speaking of bad days, this ninja wants to have a little contest. In the comments, tell me your best-worst bad day story. You know you have one. We all do! The most dire will win a fabulous prize! I’ll buy you a $10 gift card to your favorite local business! Cravings Popcorn? No problem. Soup Spoon Cafe? Yeah, I can do that. Tallulah’s Folly? October Moon? Grace? Absolutely. The only stipulation is that the $10 must go to a locally-owned and operated business. No chains or any of that jazz. Cool? Cool. Ok, it’s time to wow me with your tales of woe. Woe on, Lansing!


About Lansing Ninjas

We #lovelansing and we hope you do, too. Our mission is to spread bits of love and kindness around our city. We hope it brightens someone's day and inspires them to pay it forward. Kindness rocks!
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3 Responses to Ninja #3: Yeeeeeehaw! Ninja round-up!

  1. Went to take my final exam in Accounting yesterday at Davenport Univerisity. I’m really slow when it comes to accounting for some reason… anyways, I went in order of the problems and before I knew it, the instructor mentioned that we had 5 minutes left. The last question in which I was plugging away at was worth 70 points alone – this is out of a total of 200 points. I was crying when I left, praying I made a C so I don’t have to retake ACCT201 all over again…

  2. Ariniko says:

    Ok here’s mine. When my boy/girl twins were about 1 years old I took them shopping at Meijer. We have a family of six so shopping is usually a couple hours long. After picking out an entire basket of food I went to check out. For some really dumb reason I decided to go through the self check out. Half way through checking out I noticed that Ellie had #2’d through all her clothes. I decided to lock her into the seat area so she wouldn’t get crap all over everything. But her twin brother was running around and that made her scream, loudly. I tried to finish up my checking out and I rushed out to the car to change her. I get to the van and strip her down trying to clean as much up as I can. I didn’t have any extra clothes and it was super cold outside being that it was winter. In the middle of cleaning her up the register lady came out to my car to let me know that I had just left without paying my groceries! So there I was with a cart full of unpaid food, a child running around in the back of the van, another child covered in poop and wearing only a diaper, in the Meijer parking lot crying in the icy cold winter. I was so overwhelmed. Then one of the cart worker come over and ask if I wanted him to watch my kids in the van while I ran in to pay. I politely told him no, but he wouldn’t leave. He wanted the cart. So I found a shirt for Ellie to wrap up in, put Evan back in the cart and pushed it back inside to pay. It’s hard to hold your head up high after all that, but I just did the best I could. I still am.

  3. Ninja fan says:

    Does it have to be only a day? Mine’s a week from you know where! It started with my house payments have been behind but not enough for the bank to forclose. Well, I had to go in for a procedure and when I came out of it, I was a day late on that last payment and they started the forclosure. The NEXT day my mother calls me from up north and tells me that my step father had a stroke (come to find out its his 3rd mini) and she needs my help so I hed up north. I get back 4 days later and check my email only to realize that I have bounced every transaction that I have made in the last week (mind you I’m off work on medical) and in the mail I find out the insurance company had also denied my short term disability. This is not the end. Two days later my roommate has chest pains (he’s only 43) and is normaly healthy and has to be put on a heart monitor for the rest of the week! I’m too young for this, oh yeah and both of my cats are sick now too. (would this gift card work for the vet if I win because thats what I would use it for)

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