Ninja-palooza! Common Ground passes!

We love partnerships. Love them. We love them because we get to promote awesome things going on in #lovelansing and we love them … well, to be honest, because they give us a tiny break from spending some of our own money on missions. Yeah we said it.

But we mostly love partnerships for the first reason. Which is why we were PSYCHED when we got a Facebook message from the lovely and amazing Amanda Snook. She generously offered to send us a bunch of free passes to the fantastic Common Ground Music Festival to ninja around town.

Armed with 11 passes, we hit the town today. This time, rather than slip envelopes under windshield wipers, we left them in more public spots, adding to the random-ness of whose hands they’ll fall into. And, if you hurry, you might actually be able to snag one in its spot! (Get out there before the storm hits!)

With 11 passes, we decided to offer them up in pairs because going to a concert with a buddy is way more fun. That gave us one single pass and five pairs. The single went into the delivery tube at a Fifth Third drive-through. Hopefully the person doing a little lunch-hour banking got a fun boost!

Next, we hit a sweet little bench near a pretty park and bus stop just outside Potter Park Zoo. The envelope looked great flat on the bench for this picture … then promptly blew away. We ran back and crammed it between the grates in the bench. Close one! We’re big believers in leaving surprises for people who ride our awesome CATA bus system. It’s the green thing to do.

Next, we headed over to the Capitol grounds. First of all, we can’t say enough how beautiful it is to walk around down there. Remembering the wind issue we’d just encountered, we looked for a spot where we could secure this envelope. The landscaping near some stairs behind the Capitol were the perfect spot. So, state workers, if you’re in need of a quick break this afternoon, head down there and see if anyone has snagged the pair of tickets yet. It could be your lucky day!

We headed to the River Trail next and repeated our bench trick, weaving the envelope in between the slats to keep it in place. There was a brief gap between the walkers, bikers and runners to sneak over and deposit the envelope. As we made our getaway, it was funny to watch several people pass it by without giving it another glance. Open your eyes, folks!

Have you seen the cool new sculptures made of T-shirts in front of Cooley Law School Stadium? They’re awesome. We slipped inside one of them and left another pair of tickets for someone taking a moment to appreciate some outdoor art. Even if the tickets are gone by the time you get there, take a few minutes to check it out. It’s really neat.

Last stop was another bus shelter. As the impending storm looked to be getting a bit closer, we got a little chicken about leaving any more envelopes out in the elements, so the bus shelter in front of the plasma center on South Cedar Street seemed like a good option. Plus, we love bus stops, remember?

Even if you don’t find one of our envelopes, we hope you’re planning to check out Common Ground next month. It runs July 11-17 at Riverfront Park.

And if you DO find one of our envelopes, please let us know! We love hearing whose hands they wind up in.

Finally, BIG thanks and a big ninja hug to Amanda Snook and the Common Ground folks for sending us the passes. You fueled a super-fun adventure today!


About Lansing Ninjas

We #lovelansing and we hope you do, too. Our mission is to spread bits of love and kindness around our city. We hope it brightens someone's day and inspires them to pay it forward. Kindness rocks!
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One Response to Ninja-palooza! Common Ground passes!

  1. amanda says:

    Glad we could help. Good luck and a hefty “rock on” to those who find the passes. THANK YOU, ninjas for doing good deeds and inspiring others to do the same. You are awesome.

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