Ninja #1: Gift cards galore!

So, contrary to popular belief, the Lansing Ninjas have not gone into retirement. We … um, we were taking ninja finals. Right. That’s it. And we passed. So, yeah for us! We now return you to your regularly schedule missions.

Recently, we had two different people bestow upon us some amazing piles of gift cards/gift certificates. The wonderful people at The Nuthouse Sports Grill and a messenger in the former of #lovelansing champ Julie Powers passed along some goodies for us to ninja around town. I took my allotment today and set out about leaving some cool finds for people on a very hot day.

My stash today included:

  • $10 gift certificate from The Nuthouse
  • $15 gift certificate from the Soup Spoon Cafe
  • $10 gift card from Pet Supplies Plus
  • $25 gift card to Darden Restaurants which, locally include Red Lobster and Olive Garden
  • And, from my ninja toolkit, 4 round-trip CATA bus passes
So after I dressed up the envelopes, I threw the ninja map to the wind and decided to drive around until I found good spots for the drops — four quadrants, be damned!
My first stop was easy — I stopped by the Pet Supplies Plus location at Cedar & Pennsylvania. I wanted to make sure the card was going to a person who actually owned a pet and shopped there. I watched a young woman in a pickup truck pull into the lot and park right by the front door. When she was safely ensconced in the store, I jumped out of my ninjamobile and slid the envelope under her windshield wiper. (No photo — too exposed.)The CATA bus passes found their way into a bus shelter on South Cedar Street. I’m fairly certain the guy who picked them up saw me do the drop, but I decided not to care and wondered what he thought about a ninja wearing a …. YOU THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO GIVE YOU A HINT, DIDN’T YOU? 🙂Next came the Darden gift card. Since one of the choices was Red Lobster, I stopped by the Mid-Michigan Red Cross chapter’s parking lot and waited (red/red, get it?). A young woman who looked like a college student pulled in and sat in her car for a bit, then headed inside — I’m guessing — to give blood. She got the $25 gift card for her good deed.

The last two went to an official-looking car at the South Lansing Police Precinct and, yeah, I went there: the parking lot at WILX.

I had several worthy attempts fall through, including ones that would have gone to sanitation workers and postal carriers on this awfully hot day. I’m hoping I’ll be able to catch up with some of those good people another day. Or you could. And you could tell us about those missions. We love guest ninjas.

UPDATE: I’m thrilled to report we heard back from one of the gift card recipients, and boy did that card wind up in the right hands! Shortly after I returned from this mission, an MSU student friended us on Facebook. She reported that she’d just finished donating her first gallon of blood, and she returned to her car to find the $25 dining gift card! Way to go, Erin!


About Lansing Ninjas

We #lovelansing and we hope you do, too. Our mission is to spread bits of love and kindness around our city. We hope it brightens someone's day and inspires them to pay it forward. Kindness rocks!
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