TEDx Lansing guest ninja winner!

We’re pleased to announce Amanda Whitehead has won a free ticket to TEDx Lansing! Her mission to brighten someone’s day while stuck in the Orlando airport was enough to net her a free ticket to one of #lovelansing’s hottest events of the year.

Way to go, Amanda!

And while we’re at it, we’d like to share another cool story we heard recently. We’ll let Phyllis Riley of the University Club tell it:

We simply want to share how proud we are of our U-Club employees! This past Christmas season, instead of planning a big holiday party for themselves, a committee of our employees planned simple, little yet still appreciated things to reward our employees and then focused more of their efforts on “paying it forward” as a way to truly enjoy the season together. Here’s what they did:

On Sunday, Dec. 19, a number of U-Club employees gathered for a “pay it forward” event. the group met at Gone Wired Cafe, where we munched on delicious cookies and made our plans. Small groups then went out into the community to do random acts of kindness. Some of the acts included: taking cookies to the Ronald McDonald House, the fire department and the City Rescue Mission; paying for visitors’ meals in the Sparrow Hospital cafeteria; buying mittens, scarves and gift cards and taking them to the Rescue Mission; distributing flowers to random houses; putting gift cards under windshield wipers; surprising attendees at Potter Park’s light show by paying their admission; buying gas and laundry service for a busy mom and children; and others. Everyone met back at the cafe to share their stories.

It truly was a magical evening of laughter and holiday spirit! The University Club of MSU is made up of wonderful employees who not only serve our members but also work to serve our community. It’s what makes the U-Club a great place to be!

Nice work, U-Clubbers!


About Lansing Ninjas

We #lovelansing and we hope you do, too. Our mission is to spread bits of love and kindness around our city. We hope it brightens someone's day and inspires them to pay it forward. Kindness rocks!
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One Response to TEDx Lansing guest ninja winner!

  1. It was a magical evening, and we’ll do it again! Thanks to Bob Hoffman for the inspiration, and for the great U-Club employees who had this idea and made it happen. The U-Club is a wonderful place filled with wonderful people!

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