Guest ninja: Tim Nester pays it forward

This guest mission makes us very happy: radio guy Tim Nester was openly pleading with us to make him the recipient of a ninja mission in December … so we did.

Now he happily pays it forward with this fun mission. We hope it inspires you to undertake a mission of your own (and send us the details!) …

Ever since I became a recipient of the Lansing Ninjas’ love, I’ve been looking for a chance to pay it forward and do a mission on my own. Since I have not been fully trained in the “Ninja Arts,” I had to recruit my own gang to help. To the Internet! I found some bendy ninjas that would be perfect “helpers.”

Hurray! My bendy ninjas have arrived and I can do my first mission. Been waiting for these to come in so I could put my own stamp on this whole thing, so now I can spread some good karma and give the recipient a little bonus of a 5-inch vinyl bendy ninja action figure that will remind them that good things do happen in life.

I started my mission by apportioning out two bendy ninjas and giving them appropriate code names so they could carry out their respective missions. I named the black one “Coffee Ninja” and the green one “Pie Ninja.” (The names will make sense later.)

I then proceeded to Washington Square in downtown Lansing where there were any number of people who could use a little positive deed directed their way. Walking around on such a beautiful, sunny-yet-brisk day, I was feeling good about my new calling and looking forward to spreading the #lovelansing vibe around. A couple of quick stops at Biggby and at Grand Traverse Pie Company (hence “Coffee Ninja” and “Pie Ninja”) and I was ready to go!

I looked up and down Washington at the assorted parked cars looking for a deserving vehicle and then realized that this is Lansing — GM town, baby! I immediately settled on two GM products and then went all ninja on them.

First vehicle was a nice green (go Spartans!) GMC Envoy that was parked on Allegan. Inwardly complementing their choice of color and model of vehicle, I assigned Coffee Ninja to the task. I affixed him to the windshield with a lovely Biggby gift card, snapped a quick photo and was on my way … completely unseen.

The next vehicle was a Chevy Impala sitting by itself on Washington. Pie Ninja had found its new home. Grand Traverse Pie Card tucked underneath him, he appeared ready to carry out his task of making someone happy. Quick photo and away I went.

A nice trip down the heart of #lovelansing and my first mission was complete.

Hopefully The Lansing Ninjas work continues and perhaps the new recipients will go all ninja on someone else. Pay it forward … pay it forward, indeed.

Great job, Tim! And we love those bendy ninjas.


About Lansing Ninjas

We #lovelansing and we hope you do, too. Our mission is to spread bits of love and kindness around our city. We hope it brightens someone's day and inspires them to pay it forward. Kindness rocks!
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5 Responses to Guest ninja: Tim Nester pays it forward

  1. Dusty DeHaven says:

    Love it, Tim! It’s like a primer on DIY Ninja, #lovelansing style!

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