Ninja #1: Mission to Meijer

Sometimes a mission just creeps up on you. I needed to make a quick stop at the West Lansing Meijer (OK, who am I kidding? My grocery store stops are NEVER quick. Too many cool things to look at and pretend I know how to cook), and while I was in the check-out lane, I saw a gift card covered in congratulatory messages.

“Hey, I have a ‘way to go!’ card in my ninja toolkit!” I thought. (Yes, ninjas have toolkits. Mine is particularly tricked out. No, you can’t see it.) So I grabbed the card, added $5 to it and headed back out to the parking lot. (I should probably mention that, yes, I paid for my groceries too. Ninjas don’t steal! That would be counter-productive, now, wouldn’t it?)

I sat in my car and dug through my toolkit in search of the card. Victory! My memory was correct (for a change). In it, I wrote:

Hello! We’re going to bet you did something amazing today! (Or maybe you’re about to do something amazing!) Congratulations! Have a great day! The Lansing Ninjas

I put the gift card and a ninja calling card inside, sealed it all up and rubberbanded it to one of the carts in the cart corral. Mission accomplished.


About Lansing Ninjas

We #lovelansing and we hope you do, too. Our mission is to spread bits of love and kindness around our city. We hope it brightens someone's day and inspires them to pay it forward. Kindness rocks!
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One Response to Ninja #1: Mission to Meijer

  1. LOVE this.

    (note to self: get tricked out secret agent kit.)


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