Gasp! Where are the ninjas?

Well, see that’s the thing. We’re still here… we’re just not HERE. It started to feel weird to blog about what we were doing. We’d sit down to write a post and freeze. “Is this important enough to warrant a blog post? Does it just sound like we’re blowing our horn?” That’s what’s amazing about Facebook. For all its flaws, it lets us interact with you on an individual level. We can share stories, swap messages, and really get to know you! Blogs are so one-way, don’t you think? Friendship is the new black – and since we’re ninjas that just sort of fits.

Want to hang out? Hop over to Facebook! Send us a friend request, write a message, tell us about friend who is having a hard time… the minute we see your notifications the ninja wheels start turning! As always, remember to deploy your ninjas. We can’t ninja in a bubble, we want to know where the needs are!

We’ll see you on the Facepages, citizens of the Interweb!

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Add some kindness to your holiday shopping excursion

How to be a good customer

How to be a good customer

“Black Friday” or “doorbuster” seem to be the only words in anyone’s vocabulary right now. For the people who need to work Thursday or Friday, the job can be a really brutal one. What if we changed the focus – just for a quick minute – as the holiday shopping season kicks into high gear?

Whether you can’t wait to get out the door to hit the sales or are planning to be at home hiding under a blanket with some yummy leftovers and planning to “shop small” at local businesses over the weekend, what if you took 10 minutes that day to do an act of kindness? Continue reading

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Look away from the mirror

This might be one of those chicken-or-the-egg questions, but have we always been this self-centered, or did we experience a sharp uptick with the growth of social media?

Center of the universeWhatever.

Either way, we are — all of us — doing a WHOLE lot of navel-gazing lately. Ninjas included.

Honestly, it’s not the worst thing in the world. We are most interesting to ourselves, so why not gaze into that mirror?

But when you look away from it for a few minutes, you might be surprised what you find around you. That happened to us recently. Continue reading

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*clink* To friends!

Being a ninja is pretty great. Have you tried it yet? You totally should. For one, you get to be all stealthy. Then, you get to laugh at yourself when your stealth isn’t quite what it should be (every one of us has almost ended up in the back of a police car at least once). Finally? You meet new people. You meet lots and lots and lots of new people, even if they don’t know what you’re up to. To be honest, sometimes they think you’re weird, because you’re skulking around doing stuff you can’t explain to them. But that’s OK, right?

The thing about these people the power they have to inspire you. Inspire us. Inspire each other. Everyone you talk to has a story to tell, and most of them are struggling in some way. Aren’t we all? But here’s the kicker: they teach you that life is beautiful, and to keep going. That’s the thing. No matter how hard things seem, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. And if you can just hold on, you’ll reach it. Continue reading

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Pack it up: It’s backpack season

Whoa — where did summer go? We swear it was June like two days ago.

Ninja backpack dropIf you’re a parent of someone under the age of 18, however, you’re keenly aware summer is nearly gone and school is on the radar. School = backpacks. So General Mayhem dropped one off today at Hilltop Yoga, filled to the brim with family fun stuff: kid-friendly puzzles, books, magazines, family friendly movies and CDs, coupons to Old Town businesses, toys, a sudoku book and a novel for the grown-up. Continue reading

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Hi, guys!

ImageSo, here’s the thing. We’re here. And, we’ve been busy! But, while it’s super easy to drop a gift card here and there, or leave happy notes around, or high five a stranger, it’s way harder to blog about it every time. Sometimes, for bigger missions, it makes sense, right? Those are big! But, for the little stuff? Sometimes, it just seems braggy. So, we realize we should have checked in probably. We love you. We didn’t mean not to call. We know you’re mad, baby. We’re sorry. We’ll make it up to you. We promise.

But, come on. There are really beautiful things going on right now. We’ve been watching. I mean, come on, we’re on Facebook. And? Maybe we’re even friends with you. We be creepin’. In a friendly way. Not that “ew… I feel icky” way. Here’s what we’ve seen. Continue reading

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High fives all around #lovelansing!

So very many people deserve high fives. And, really, who doesn’t love a good high five? Realistically, however, it would be impossible for us to high five all the people who need one — impossible even for a pack full of ninjas. (What is a pack of ninjas called, incidentally? A gaggle? A pride? A flock? I’m going with “flock of ninjas.”)

Continue reading

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